Gold: we use 14k solid gold so you can love the pieces forever. Solid gold won't rub off on your skin and doesn't change appearance over time. It's tough enough to withstand daily use, but like any precious metal, may scratch. You can wipe your piece clean  with a soft cloth if gets dirty to bring back to its original shine.

Sterling silver: like gold in its pure stage is very soft and in order to make it into jewelry needs to be alloyed with other materials. Normally the metal used to alloy with silver is copper, and both of these metals will easily have a chemical reaction (tarnish).; therefore, even sweat may cause silver jewelry to discolor. To solve this tarnishing problem clean your jewelry regularly, removing any deposits that may be detrimental to it.

Here are some valuable tips worth knowing to take care of your jewelry:
     Keep gold jewelry separately from silver jewelry.
      Avoid exposing your jewelry to abrasive substances like household stuff with ammonia or bleach.
      Take off any form of jewelry when swimming either in salt water or chlorinated water.
      Apply lotions, make-up, and hair products before putting on any kind of jewelry.
      Store jewelry properly and separately to minimize scratches and damages.
      Avoid hitting your cubic zirconia rings into hard objects.
      Cubic zirconia jewelry that has never been cleaned tends to get persistent dirt that could damage the setting of the stones sooner or later.